Sunday, November 7, 2010

Money Man Returns!!!

So I think I am really going to get John's name officially changed to "Money Man".  We go on walks each Sunday and for some reason one Sunday John and Tyler decided to take a bucket with them just in case they found treasure or money. Mike and I laughed and thought, " How cute."  Like one minute into the walk John looks down in some dirt and mulch and pulls out this filthy dollar and then an hour later looks under a car on the way back home and finds another dollar. Ridiculous isn't it!  I keep trying to tell John to lift his head up when he crosses the street or when he's walking because he is always looking down in search for $.  I now know that if I had his luck and eyesight, I would be constantly looking down for money/treasure too.    

Lindquist Beach, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

 One of my favorite beaches here on St. Thomas is Lindquist beach.  It has a great view of the surrounding islands.  Here is Tyler's first attempts at "Snorkeling" aka looking at cool things in the water with goggles. Tyler is always telling jokes and kept saying, "Oh no, I see a daddy shark" each time he'd look over at Mike under the water.
John decided he wasn't up for the beach and ocean that day. So, John and I just went on a walk and hung out by the tables looking at wild chicken that day.  John's nickname is currently "Money Man" because he is always looking for and finding money.  He managed to find an old quarter that had been so weathered that it looked like a gold coin.  He was so excited.  I'm surprised he's gotten back into the ocean and hasn't spent all of his time trying to relive that moment after such a find. 

Our attempts at having a pet

This is us hiking at the "Rock Beach"  at our house.  Since this picture was taken, Mike and the boys have banned me from going on their hike.  John and Ty told me that they like to hike high and go over, as Ty would say it, "danger places", and that when I'm there I'm too scared and they can't do it. Pretty funny, it's probably for the best.  They almost give me a heart attack every time they are out there.  I guess I'll let it be a Dad and boy thing.  Well, below is a picture of the boys' first pet.  They caught a small hermit crab at the "Rock Beach" and decided to name him Hermie and Henry. Henry/Hermie escaped a few hours into his stay with us but we found him the next day climbing on the lamp cord.  Hermie/Henry didn't last very long and we have since attempted to take care of 3 other hermit crabs, who have also gone to the other side. I finally sat the boys down and explained that we might not be hermit crab people.  I think we will try our luck with a pet fish after Thanksgiving.

Countless hours at the beach

 John and Tyler have become great sand castle architects.  This is the beach right outside our house.  It's so nice to be able to walk outside and have it there.

Give it up for Coral World

There is an aquarium/ island life park down here called Coral World.  The boys love it even though we go there almost once a week. They get to pet sharks, feed stingrays, feed iguanas, and the best part is that we are like 3 out of the 10 people there.  After feeding the iguanas for the first time John's response was, " Oh, they are so cute."  Tyler said," I want to have a playdate with them."

Day Trips to St. John

This is us hiking down to Honeymoon beach in St. John.  John and Tyler really like this hike. It's only about .25 miles down and there are lots of hermit crabs to catch along the way.  

This is our first weekend here in St. Thomas and we decided to go to St. John.  We hiked down to this beach, Honeymoon beach.  We loved it, we were the only ones there besides this boat.  We are all splashing around having fun, unfortunately we didn't take into account how strong the sun is down here and Mike and I were horribly burnt. We learned our lesson though and apply a 5 inch layer of sunscreen each time we walk out the door.  

We are really enjoying the warm weather and here are some fun things that we like to do here with our free time.

Go to IGGIE's.   A restaurant here has carnival night with a jumbi dancer, fire blower, man that walks on glass, limbo, and conga line.  We love dancing to the steel drum band and joining in the conga line.

Tacky Easter Bunny visit

The boys were excited, and as you can tell by Tyler's face, terrified at the same time.

We hopped right into Easter!

 We had lots of fun dying eggs.  The boys wrote sweet letters to the Easter bunny and were so excited that the Easter bunny came to visit us in St. Thomas too. 

Our first few weeks here and temporary housing in TuTu

We lived in temporary housing for 2 weeks when we arrived in St. Thomas.  The views were amazing and from pictures, the house looked amazing as well.  Unfortunately, there were no window screens, air conditioners, telephones, or televisions.  But, there were plenty of bugs and enough water to take a 1 minute long shower.  We do have lots of memories there though.  We had our 1st Easter and the views were the best on island.  

Okay, I'm going back about 7 months but here we are. We move'd to St. Thomas, Virgin Islands!

I have promised so many friends, family, and even myself that I would update our blog and be super diligent about adding to it once we moved to St. Thomas.  Well, it's been 6 months since the move and I guess moving across the world didn't help me. Recently we lost our 10 year old TV.  Our old, heavy, projection screen TV finally kicked the bucket and look at me now, I am finally doing something with my life.  I guess if I can't," sit around watching TV and eating potato chips", to quote my Papa, I can actually get stuff done.  Okay, so here are a few things that we've been up to since our move.  

Saturday, June 20, 2009

It's Been a While!

So, I thought...gee...I really should update my blog...what if my children really do grow up before I get another entry in? Now I'll at least have two done! And I had to include some of my favorite photos of the boys...just because. This is how it really is...most days I'm so busy I don't even get to look at the computer unless it's on Starfall or PBS Kids...and that's only as a reward for going poop on the potty. That's my life!

Monday, November 10, 2008

First Entry

Well it has taken awhile and still I am amazed and so proud of myself because I am getting a blog started before my children go to college. Woo Hoo Mommy!!!!